The Big List: Stephen Fry Vs. Russia! Best Missed Connection!

Time to go to a party, attempt to talk with people and socialize, find a dark corner to stand in by yourself, continue standing in the corner, check your phone to feel less like a loser, leave the party as soon as possible, go home, breath a big sigh of relief but continue feeling sad… and check out these links!!


The Onion: Members Of Opening Band Walking Among Crowd During Intermission Like Gods Among Men,33398/

All Hail Cold Thunder, Warmer of Crowds!


Stephen Fry’s Open Letter To David Cameron And The International Olympic Committee

Russia wants to celebrate human athletic achievement, but at the same time, hurt a large segment of their humans. [image via]


5 Simple Steps To Not Being A Total A**hole

Step #6: Re-read this article until you’re not an a**hole.


27 Problems Only Introverts Will Understand

Are these correct? I… don’t wanna talk about it. Leave me alone.


Is This The Best Craigslist ‘Missed Connection’ Ever Written?

Q train girl, R you still out there?


That’s all for this introverted edition of The Big List.


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