Exclusive: Sophie McShera Describes Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella

Sophie McShera Downton Abbey

“Downton Abbey” presented a panel to the Television Critics Association, after which the cast split up to do one on one interviews. When it was my turn to speak with Sophie McShera, who plays Daisy on the hit British drama, I made sure to ask her about her role in the upcoming Kenneth Branagh-directed Cinderella. McShera will play one of the evil stepsisters, Drizella.

Her description of Branagh’s vision might come as an uncharacteristic surprise for the Shakespearean director, and hardcore hero director of Thor. “I’ve had fittings and everything they’ve put on, I’m like 'I. Love. It,'” McShera said. “It’s ridiculously, amazingly camp. It is really cool, like big dresses and corsets. It’s very garish. I’ve got big hair. I love it.”

McShera’s Cinderella costar is from “Downton Abbey” as well, and she joked that she would get her revenge. “It’s Lily James from ‘Downton.’ I’m upstairs, she’s downstairs so I’m going to have to get her back from all these years of being Daisy.”

We’ll be back with more Cinderella news after we get this damn pumpkin carriage back home before midnight. 

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