Fox Drops More ‘24: Live Another Day’ Hints


Kevin Reilly, Chairman of Entertainment for Fox, met the Television Critics Association today. Looking ahead to the upcoming return of “24” in a shortened 12 episode format, Reilly said the “24: Live Another Day” miniseries will give us the “24” experience we want without stretching the story too thin.

“I just sat with the team yesterday and heard the ideas,” said Reilly. “Everybody came in with a new vibrancy. The 12 episode format, Howard [Gordon] has always said, he always had 12 great ones, it was the next 12 that used to kill them.”

Reilly also confirmed that Jack Bauer could leave the country more easily in this format. “This is going to be set in an international setting. They’ve got great ideas. I love doing it this way. I have been really heartened by the amount of equity left in the show. I am stopped by fans all the time, thanking me for bringing it back.”

Fox just signed Mary Lynn Rajskub to return as Chloe, which was a coup that "24" executive producer Howard Gordon told us he wanted. Reilly said she will be central to Jack Bauer’s new story. “They have a really powerful arc for her in the next chapter. Look, I think the fans really would have been heartbroken to not see Chloe.”

With Rajskub cast, Reilly suggested the rest of the new “24” would be filled in by new cast. “I’m pretty sure that will be it for returning cast, but there are several new characters joining.”

The 12 episode format is based more on the shorter cable series model. I asked Reilly if, were this format popularized by the end of season eight, would he have continued the show indefinitely back then?

“I might’ve been, but I don’t think Howard and the guys would’ve done that. I think everybody felt as though okay, it’s still vibrant and alive, but it was starting to get to the place where everybody wanted to catch their breath.”

Based on our previous interview with an excited Gordon, it seems that he has caught his breath and he is ready for more.


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