‘The Flash’ Runs To The CW For A New TV Series

When “Arrow” first debuted on the CW, it was supposedly a more grounded, “realistic” take on the DC hero that wouldn’t actually have any characters with super powers. But that idea is going out the window as “Arrow” prepares for a potential spinoff.

Deadline was the first to report that the CW is fast tracking “The Flash” as a TV series, with former “Flash” comic book writer (and current DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer) Geoff Johns slated to co-write the pilot script opposite the “Arrow” team of Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg. Veteran TV director David Nutter will direct the potential pilot episode. During a panel for “The Tomorrow People,” Berlanti said that Barry Allen/The Flash will make his first appearance on “Arrow’ during the eighth or the ninth episode of season 2. However, casting for the role has not yet been announced.

For this possible spinoff, the second Flash (Barry Allen) is being used. Created by Robert Kanigher, John Broome and Carmine Infantino, the Flash/Barry Allen made his first appearance in 1956’s Showcase # 4, which is widely considered to be the beginning of the Silver Age of comics.

Prior to shifting gears to “The Flash,” the CW attempted to get a Wonder Woman project called “Amazon” off the ground, but that project appears to have been put on hold despite a new script that came in after pilot season was ended.

In 1990, “The Flash” was a live action TV series on CBS starring John Wesley Shipp as the title character. A version of the character known as Impulse (Bart Allen) was portrayed by Kyle Gallner on “Smallville.”

During Comic-Con, there were rumors of a feature film version of “The Flash” that would lead into a possible Justice League movie. However, it’s not clear if the possible “Flash” TV series will mean that The Flash won’t be getting his own movie.


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