CTV’s Played Premieres In October


A new cop drama surrounding the CIU (Covert Investigations Unit), "Played," will debut on CTV October 3rd.

The network has ordered 13 one-hour episodes of the program that will follow a Toronto-based police unit that goes undercover to infiltrate criminal organizations. "Played" stars Vincent Walsh ("Deception," "Lost Girl") as Detective John Moreland, Chandra West ("The Gates," "90210") as Rebecca Ellis, Lisa Marcos ("The Listener," "Flashpoint") as Maria Cortez, Agam Darshi ("Ring of Fire") as Khali Bhatt, and Adam Butcher ("Murdoch Mysteries," "Cracked") as Jesse Calvert. Together, these undercover CIU detectives build relationships with bad guys, whether coaxing confessions, buying drugs and guns in covert sting operations, infiltrating high finance scams, or immersing themselves with a crew of bank robbers. Then, after posing as various criminals, the members of the CIU flip the switch and try and go home to their “normal” lives as spouses and parents.

"Played" premieres on Thursday, October 3rd at 10pm.

Photo: CTV