The B-Movies Podcast Goes Under the Bed with Steven C. Miller!

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Steven C. Miller first contacted B-Movies Podcast co-host William "Bibbs" Bibbiani after he wrote a negative review of Miller's Silent Night, Deadly Night remake, Silent Night. Now the time has come for Bibbs to confront his demons, and Steven C. Miller has brought plenty of them… he's a horror filmmaker after all. Miller's latest fright film, Under the Bed, premieres in select theaters this weekend so he's coming on the show to tell Bibbs and Professor Witney Seibold all about the film's long road to completion, his run-and-gun first feature Automaton Transfusion, his behind-the-scenes troubles making the SyFy Channel movie Scream of the Banshee, the thumb-severing production of The Aggression Scale, his original plans for Silent Night, the monster design for Under the Bed and his plans for The Aggression Scale 2, the Motel Hell remake and the ambitious Automaton Transfusion sequel: Terminus!

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