Doctor Strange Rumor; or How Marvel Learned to Start Loving Joseph Gordon-Levitt

You have to love it when a published report about Marvel being interested in Joseph Gordon-Levitt for a film role includes the  phrase: “Levitt and his team are probably unaware”. You cannot deny that Levitt, as reported by Crave’s /Film website, would be a great pick to play Doctor Strange in a solo film about the Sorcerer Supreme. 

Just last week Stan Lee confirmed there will be a Doctor Strange movie in Marvel’s future. Now this rumor might not only add credence to Lee’s statements but show how serious Marvel Films is at making a quality movie about the magical side of the hero universe.

Marvel reported looked at Gordon-Levitt before, for the lead in Guardians of the Galaxy but passed when he took a role in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

As always, pass the salt. Marvel has yet to even confirm a Doctor Strange feature film let alone casting. Maybe they will let something slip this week at Comic Con. Stay with Crave Online for that because we are live in San Diego for the entire convention and will bring you live updates on all the news and newsmakers.