Are We There Yet? – Mancations

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Mancations are no longer strictly reserved for bachelor parties… guys are getting their travel on for a myriad of reasons. Whether heading to Vegas or to the lake, is a source for all accommodation needs instead of a hotel – especially squeezing grown men into a hotel room! With over 13,000 properties in the U.S. and abroad, this comprehensive site allows guys to pick a home that caters to their personalities and even add in a bit of luxury, like a pool or Jacuzzi. Find a great abode to suit your needs, whether it's to unwind, party, relax, or all of the above.

Check out some of these great ideas:

South Lake Tahoe, California at $650/Night – 19 guys can fit into this lake view home with a pool table, entertainment center and a hot tub.

Las Vegas, Nevada at $595/Night – This villa sleeps 22 people and has tons of man-loving activities such as a pool table, a poker table, ping-pong, Jacuzzis and a pool.

Miami Beach, Florida at $250/Night – For a smaller-group getaway, this penthouse apartment has a perfect sky ocean view of Miami Beach so guys can enjoy the sun all day then hit the Miami nightlife. 

Girls love a great weekend getaway, and so should you. Get out there!

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