Take Your Folks to Las Vegas: Part One – Hotels

Las Vegas goes through phases of trying to attract different crowds to its upscale debauchery.

For a while, the city’s tourism promoting minds were looking to sell Vegas as a family destination – insisting that there was enough for kids to do while their parents were partying. Then, Sin City turned away from that and embraced its identity as a mecca for the younger crowd’s all-purpose sinning. Casinos like The Palms, The Aria and Cosmopolitan became epicenters for the beautiful people with money to burn – featuring some of the most exclusive nightclubs in the country.

However, lately, Vegas movers and shakers are remembering their roots. The city was built to entertain adults – mature human beings with disposable income and the self-possession to know exactly what they like. There’s a particular push on right now to draw older visits – even senior citizens – back to misbehaving.

That presents us with an opportunity to show some gratitude to our folks – and to score some Karmic points – by taking our parents to experience age appropriate. We’ll call it “visiting Vegas Classic.” To kick it off, you need to find a place to stay.

Staying at the Best – The Wynn Las Vegas and Encore: 

There are always hot hotels in Vegas – accommodations that emerge as the most desired, the hottest and most cutting edge. For a time, it was the Palms. That hotel is still standing, but it was bumped from the very top of the list by the Aria. The Aria is still one of the top spots in the city, but the Cosmopolitan next door stole some thunder. Time will tell if the Cosmo keeps its mojo.

In the midst of all that change – during the pageant of fickle popularity – the real test of a Las Vegas property is staying power. While other contenders came along to challenge for the crown, The Wynn Las Vegas has remained one of the most elite destinations on The Strip.

When The Wynn arrived in 2005, it opened with a torrent of hype and anticipation. After all, Vegas icon Steve Wynn was putting his name on the property, and he was sure to spare no expense. The Wynn (and its sister property, Encore – opened in 2008) sits atop the desert food chain as the most luxurious and well-appointed hotel in the city. Only the Bellagio can rival its amenities and styled on The Strip.

Along with the Encore, the Wynn facility offers more than 4,700 rooms. There’s not an inch of the property that doesn’t embrace elite living – from the Encore Spa to the Esplanades of Shops in both properties.

A personal highlight with me is the Wynn Golf Course. Designed by PGA course artist Tom Fazio, it’s the only course attached to a Strip property in town and makes the player forget that Vegas surrounds them. But, brace yourselves for greens fees around $500.

Even amidst all of these quality attractions, the real secret to the Wynn’s success is the commitment to service by the hotel’s staff. This is not a factory hotel that looks to turn rooms over as quickly as possible. This is a staff that leans politeness and respect for its customers to put the Wynn over the top as an elite Vegas stop.

The Wynn and Encore are the perfect choice for the older folks in your life because of its perfect mix of artistic decor, modern amenities and luxury living. The nightclubs are on the scene, and there is plenty to draw the young crowd. But, for a senior visitor who’s seen the world and been through the wars, the comfort and pleasantries will be endlessly appreciated.  

A Fresh Face on a Vegas Empress: 

There’s a reason why Evel Knievel decided to jump the Caesar’s Palace fountains,. and that’s because it might be the most famous hotel in the world. There isn’t an older visitor to Las Vegas who doesn’t already know Caesar’s. It wasn’t the first mega-hotel and casino in Las Vegas, but you could argue it’s the most iconic. Its name is synonymous with its city’s opulence and ambition.

While the hotel’s standard rooms and casino floor are stuffed with Vegas’ younger guests celebrating a little weekend freedom, Caesar’s opened two elite properties on the hotel property aimed exclusively at luxury-minded visitors. The Laurel Collection towers arrived along Flamingo in Vegas during the 2000s and up’d the ante for premiere accommodations at its classic property.

Consisting of the Octavius and Augustus Towers, the Laurel Collection offers a private valet entrance, its own hotel registration and direct access to Caesar’s Garden of the Gods pool area. The suites are modern and elegant – perfectly soundproofed to protect sensitive ears from the sunny chaos at the mega pools down below.

While the Laurel Collection is attached to the entirety of Caesar’s Palace and offers an easy path to everything the property offers, it’s undoubtedly intended to serve up an elite experience for select Palace visitors – and that works perfectly if you want to show a senior visitor a once in a lifetime stop in Vegas.

The aura of exclusivity built into the Laurel Collection makes a visitor feel special. Maybe they don’t have a butler waiting for them at home, but for a few days in Vegas, someone is opening their car doors for them and welcoming them to their private elevator.

That’s the secret of taking your parents to Las Vegas: You’re working to make that older visitor feel special and exclusive. Since you only have two parents, they’re naturally special to you, so the right spot in Vegas can help you show them that special treatment.