The 20 Most Ridiculous Movie Monsters (Part 2)

Yesterday, in honor of Monsters University, I presented you, dear readers, with ten totally ridiculous, dumb, or just flat-out crazy movie monsters in the history of cinema. In that article, I talked about marshmallow men, poop demons, giant killer bunnies, a smog monster, and a killer floor lamp (yes, seriously, a killer floor lamp). The list of amazingly ridiculous movie monsters is so extensive, however, that a simple list of ten was not nearly enough. As such, I present you with ten more to round out the article, and make sure all my bases are covered. Even so, I feel like I may be missing a few (it pained me to leave out Attack of the Killer Refrigerator, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Killer Condom, One-Eyed Monster, Basket Case, Jack Frost, The Thing with Two Heads, and several others), so I encourage you to chime in with your favorites. Which movie monsters leave you giggling?

As for me, I have ten more to suggest. Let’s examine the following:

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