15 Stupidest Superhero Names In Comic Books

The first comic book I ever cracked open was a Peanuts collection. I was five years old and I was instantly hooked. For the next thirty seven years, I read, collected and was obsessed with comics. Over that time, I have been a devoted follower of most series. Some have stayed with me, others I dropped or were cancelled. Having read so many issues, I often come across hero names that are profoundly stupid, or at least too goofy to be believed. After a recent conversation with my intrepid editor Andy Hunsaker, I decided to recall some of the worst.

So, without further ado, here are the Fifteen Stupidest Superhero Names In Comic Books.



There it is my friends, fifteen of the stupidest sounding superhero names in all of comic history. Did I miss some? What are your favorite dumb names for heroes? We here at Crave Online want to know.


Joss Whedon Interview by CraveOnline


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