10 Parodies of Iron Man 3


Since the trailer first hit the internet, spoofs of Iron Man 3 have been blowing up all over YouTube like a row of robot suits in Tony Stark’s living room. So, before you see the movie a hundred times this weekend, have Pepper Potts hold your calls and watch these 10 parodies of Iron Man 3:


Iron Man 3 Sweded

Oh no, not his cardboard drawings of robots!


Literal Iron Man 3 Trailer

I had a feeling there were lyrics to that background music.


Iron Man 3 – New Trailer Voice Over

Yeah, you’d think Tony Stark would live in a steel castle surrounded by a force field by now.


Iron Man 3 – Crotch Heads

If Batman’s head is on his crotch, where is his dick? Eh, I’m thinking about it too much.


Iron Man 3: Chinese Version

An Asian character played by an Asian actor? Who wants to see that?!


Iron Man 3 Sweded v2

Ladies… children… fellow box enthusiasts.


Ironing Man 3: The Ironing

You never see wrinkles in Tony Stark’s suits. Now you know why.


Iron Man 3: No Boners In The Suits

I’d buy a Boner Level app.


Iron Man 3: Iron Christmas

Tony the Red Suit Hero…


Iron Man 3 Sweded (Taiwanese Version)

Things are different now. For one thing, everyone’s Taiwanese!


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!