The B-Movies Podcast: Exclusive Shane Carruth Interview

B-Movies Shane Carruth

Upstream Color is rolling into theaters now, and The B-Movies Podcast has an exclusive video interview with the film's writer, director, editor, composer and star, Shane Carruth. The filmmaker burst into the independent movie scene with the 2004 time travel classic Primer, and his latest film is just as puzzling, but even more meaningful. Upstream Color stars Shane Carruth and Amy Seimetz as lovers with a deep, subconscious connection that may have something to do with horrifying trauma, pigs and parasites. B-Movies Podcast co-host William Bibbiani already called it "the most original and believable love story in years."

Upstream Color Poster

But how did Upstream Color come about? Whatever happened to Shane Carruth's original follow-up to Primer, a film called A Topiary, and how did it worm its way into Upstream Color? How did the big studios react to Primer? What contemporary movie does Shane Carruth keeping watching over and over? And, most importantly, which of the many pigs that William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold brought to the interview did Shane Carruth decide to take home with him?

The answers to these questions and more await when The B-Movies Podcast Interviews Shane Carruth.

Upstream Color expands to theaters in Santa Monica, Pasadena, San Francisco, Berkeley, Cambridge, Seattle, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, Pittsburgh and Brooklyn on April 12th. Find out where the film is playing next on Upstream Color's official website. and be sure to follow it on Twitter at @UpstreamColor.

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