Ken Block Unveils Ford Fiesta Race Car in London

When folks think RallyCross racing and top class drifting, they probably don’t think metropolitan London, but Ken Block used the rock n’ roll history of Europe’s greatest city.

Block’s new 2013 Ford Fiesta ST RX43 race car premiered at the British capital’s iconic Ace Cafe in London. Crave Online was on the scene on an unusually cold, snowy and windy night, and the weather didn’t keep the racing fans away. Block is internationally famous for his Youtube videos showing off his innate drifting skills, but this is the car he’ll take into battle against the likes of Tanner Foust and David Higgins on the RallyCar racing circuit.

For the 2013 race season, Hoonigan Racing Division of Cockermouth, England (…Stop giggling. Seriously. Grow up…) has Block’s back as he pursues his publicly professed goals of “winning gold at all four of this year’s Global X Games and going for the overall championship win during this year’s Global RallyCross season.”

According to Block, the paint scheme and exterior designing of the car was inspired by the rock n’ roll fashions of the 80s and 90s. Since the Ace Cafe (a motorcycle and race car-themed restaurant) sits in the tough, hard rock Northwest London neighborhood of Stonebridge, it was the perfect spot to rev this shindig.

Block worked with Hoonigan Racing and M-Sport, an England racing shop that’s partnered with Ford’s WRC for more than 16 years. Obviously, the result simply wears the shell of Ford’s 2014 Fiesta with the interior entirely designed, engineered and built from scratch.

Block and his team are a little less than a month away from his first 2013. April 21 in Brazil will see the first of four Global X Games.