Exclusive Preview: Batgirl #18

Barbara Gordon has had a hell of a time dealing with her brother, James Gordon Jr., and his socipathic killer-style tendencies. True, he managed to help save her from the Joker, but less out of sibling concern and more out of competing desires to define the ways in which Batgirl meets her grisly end.

As we see in this preview below, once again, James is trying to save her from a demise he didn't plan, and Batgirl manages to survive something that should have killed her. How will she respond, then, when she learns that Robin wasn't so lucky over in Batman Incorporated?


Check out CraveOnline's exclusive preview of Batgirl #18, the "Requiem" issue due out next week from Ray Fawkes and Daniel Sampere.


Batgirl #18


Batgirl #18 Page 1


Batgirl #18 Page 2


Batgirl #18 Page 3


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