CraveOnline Poll: Guys Get Ga-Ga Over Valentine’s Day

This may come as a shock, but Crave guys are actually romantics deep down — not to mention, practical.  Actually, we kinda suspected the practical part, but we've got to be honest — that soft squishy heart many of our readers exhibited in the latest CraveOnline poll kinda came as a mild surprise.

In Crave's latest monthly online poll, hundreds of you told us how you really felt about Valentine's Day — and the answer is: guys are just as ready as the ladies to seize a bouquet of roses, select an appropriate passage from Lord Byron (or possibly, Ron Burgandy) and get all mushy.

When asked about their Valentine's Day spending, a whopping 59 percent said they were buying that heart-shaped box of chocolates because they were in love — and definitely NOT out of a sense of seasonal obligation.  Of course, that means 41 percent of you felt trapped into a fancy Valentine's Day dinner because your lady expects it, but let's focus on the positive, shall we?

As for how those chivilrous men pick their perfect Valentine's Day gift, it turns out the web just can't beat the neighborhood merchant.  A full 63 percent of CraveOnline men said when choosing between in-store or online shopping, nothing beats seeing what you're purchasing in-person and buying at a store.  Just 37 percent said they preferred the click of the mouse when buying a Valentine's Day bauble for their one and only.

So guys buy gifts because they love their women… who knew?