Comic Picks for the Week of December 12

Christmas is upon us once again! That means it’s time to start stocking up on comic books as nerdy gifts to others, or just early presents for ourselves.


Here are my picks of the week for mysel — ahem, I mean others!


Dynamite Entertainment:

Sherlock Holmes: Liverpool Demon #1 of 5 by Leah Moore and Matt Triano



BLURB: Sherlock Holmes is busy doing what he does best – solving a case of far-reaching international notoriety. It has landed him at the Port of Liverpool, a bustling hub of commerce both legitimate and illicit. As that chapter closes, this one begins. They head to Lime Street Station, to catch a fast steam locomotive home to London and Baker Street, when violent weather keeps The Great Detective and Watson in Britain’s second city a while longer. Long enough to encounter a monster, discover the Liverpool underworld, and to become embroiled in one of his strangest cases yet.


WHY: Let’s face it, Benedict Cumberbatch brought this famous detective back to the central focal point of people everywhere. Sure, Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law made it to the big screen twice with Guy Ritchie, but it was our new favorite hobbit Martin Freeman and that Alan Rickman-sounding man that reminded us how brilliant this duo really is. With many anticipating the return of BBC’s modern Sherlock season 3, what’s better than anything related to this man to bridge the painful wait for the next season?



Ghostbusters #16 by Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening


BLURB: After several tough cases, the Ghostbusters are ready for a real day off from dealing with the supernatural… but that doesn’t necessarily mean the supernatural is going to take a day off from them. Ready to settle in and do some relaxing, they are surprised as a spectral child appears before them, speaking one word before it disappears — help.

WHY: Ah, Ghostbusters 3 the movie – will they, won’t they? The internet is buzzing with rumors, speculations, hopes, dreams, disappointments and google searches related to Bill Murray. IDW does what they do best: bringing us childhood or geek nostalgia through our love of the sequential art medium, while some of us wait for another movie or TV series revival.

I don’t know who your favorite Ghostbuster is, but mines is Winston. This particular story will be Winston-centric.

Oh and it will hint the New Ghostbusters story arc!




What more can we ask for?



Monsters Inc. #1 of 2



BLURB: Adapting the hit movie! Just in time for the 3D rerelease of the classic Disney•Pixar adventure! When they’re not hiding under the bed or lurking in the closet, the monsters that scare human children live and work in the great city of Monstropolis. Monsters Mike and Sulley accidentally allow a human girl to sneaks into Monstropolis, and they must return her to her home before anyone notices — or they might lose their jobs at Monsters, Inc.!


WHY: The movie will be rereleased in 3D this December in theaters. Not only will Pixar remind us why we fell in love with them in the first place, but also their sweet way of retelling an age-old story with a new twist. How can anyone resist the innocence of Boo and the acceptance that monsters aren’t really bad, they are just doing their job?

Christmas is about spending time with family, friends and loved ones. After we come off the high of watching Monsters Inc. in 3D, we can relive that experience again around a fireplace, Christmas tree, dinner table or wherever else, reading this issue.


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