Jedi Camp – Star Wars Anti Bullying Web Series

When young Lucas attends his first ever George Lucas' Jedi Camp, he encounters an older, bigger camper who bullies him because of his size. But when Lucas discovers he has special Force abilities, he realizes he can defeat his bully.

That's what Jedi Camp is giving kids – the ability to defeat their bullies. The first Star Wars Fan Film Web Series, which is a scripted series starring some amazingly talented kids, deals with bullying. All of the young actors are huge real-life Star Wars fans and many of them have experienced bullying. The adult cast includes Keith Szarabajka, Andrew Bowen, Amanda G Ward, Kristen Nedopak, and Cricket Lee.


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This project was supported by a group of over 115 Kickstarter Backers and a crew of over 50 that "joined the force" because they believed in the passion and the message. Jedi Camp was filmed at Valley Trails Ranch in Castaic, CA.