Vertigo’s ‘Midnight, Mass’ Comic Gets Another Chance At NBC

Three years ago, NBC picked up the rights to adapt the comic book series "Midnight Mass" as a potential TV show. And while that incarnation didn't ultimately get picked up, the network has apparently not given up on adapting "Midnight, Mass." 

Deadline is reporting that "Midnight, Mass" is once again in development at NBC, with Snow White And The Huntsman co-writer Evan Daugherty on board to write a pilot script.

"Midnight, Mass" was an eight issue series created by John Rozum with artists Jesus Saiz and Jimmy Palmiotti that was originally published by DC Entertainment's Vertigo imprint in 2002. "Midnight, Mass" follows Adam and Julia Kadmons, a husband-and-wife team who investigate supernatural crimes and mysteries all over the world while making their home in Midnight, Massachusetts. A second "Midnight, Mass" miniseries was published in 2004, but the characters have not been revisited since then.

Rozum is attached to serve as an executive consultant on the new TV incarnation of "Midnight, Mass," which will be executive produced by Bill Gerber (Gran Torino), with Daugherty serving as co-executive producer.

NBC already has a fairly crowed slate of genre shows coming up with "Dracula," "Hannibal" and potentially "Mockingbird Lane." But the network may be attracted to the notion of a series that shares some themes with "The X-Files" and "Fringe" that also features the fully formed marital relationship between the lead characters immediately out of the box.

Although "Midnight, Mass" does not currently have a pilot pick up, it will likely be in competition for NBC's fall 2013 programming schedule.

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