The Wonder Woman/Superman Kiss

Justice League #12 doesn’t come out until tomorrow, but much like Ron Burgundy, it’s kind of a big deal. Why? Well, we told you why, and you’ve seen why, but to reiterate – Wonder Woman and Superman are going to be hooking up. For reals.

In the aftermath of the battle with Graves, wherein all their personal tragedies are laid bare, the two raven-haired icons of the DC Universe will realize their similarities with their hopeless personal isolation and take some solace in each other – and it will have a “seismic impact” on the rest of the DCU, we’re told.

Here’s Jim Lee’s last page of Justice League #12 as proof.



Now, do you think this splash page reveal is going to make you more or less likely to buy that issue tomorrow? Chances are, if you’re a comic fan, you’re already buying it, given how it’s always high on the sales charts.

Some folks are torn as to whether they should hook up at all – sure, they’re the only people around who are powerful enough to handle each other (and we shall pity the poor bed upon which they may engage in super-wonder-scrumping – hell, maybe that’s the “seismic impact” they were talking about), but what about Lois Lane? Steve Trevor? Lana Lang? Batman?

Truth be told, while it seems somewhat like a very cynical marketing decision, it’s also a story fans have been curious about for quite some time. There’s even a whole tumblr dedicated to the pairing, although there are tumblrs related to a lot of things. It’s a story that people react strongly to when it’s even hinted at – and the New 52 provides the perfect opportunity (some would say it was designed specifically for this) to explore that without having to have Superman divorce Lois or anything like that. So Geoff Johns is giving it a whirl.

So here goes. Two popular, famous, attractive, fictional white people are hooking up. Brace yourself.