Answer the ‘Dream Team’ Debate in NBA 2K13


Since the start of the Olympics, fans, commentators and even NBA players have weighed in on if the 2012 USA Olympic basketball team could beat their 1992 counterpart featuring an entire team of NBA Hall of Famers, known to the world as the “Dream Team.” Unfortunately, we will never know the answer to the question in real life. But that’s where NBA 2K13 comes in to give us some peace of mind, or continue to fuel the fire of debate.

2K Sports has managed to nab the rights to use nearly the entire 1992 “Dream Team” in NBA 2K13 for a special game mode pitting them against the 2012 Olympic team who we just saw take the gold in London. 2K Sports, with the help of executive producer Jay-Z, were even able to land a deal with Charles Barkley, who has not appeared in a basketball video game since 1995. The only player missing from the 1992 Dream Team roster will be Scottie Pippen, whom 2K wasn’t able to reach an agreement with by the cutoff date.

Here’s a shot of the 1992 team in NBA 2K13.


So, which team will you be siding with in NBA 2K13? Sound off below.