Exclusive: Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson Reveals ‘The B-Team’ Cast


We got to interview Don “The Dragon” Wilson, who acknowledges his status as a Martial Arts B-Movie star, for his role in the short Liberator. We’ll have the full interview with Wilson posted this week, but he gave us some updates on one of his next films. Papau, New Guinea themselves have been touting the production of The B-Team in their country, but they have some old information.

PNG reports that Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, and Michael Jai White are the leads in a sort of Expendables team of B-movie stars. Wilson updates us on a replacement for White, and an additional lead. “These are the names the producer right now has said he wanted: Michael Dudikoff, Jeff Speakman, Cynthia Rothrock and myself,” Wilson said.

In addition, Wilson has his sights on even more B-movie stars for co-stars, who could shoot very small cameo roles while Wilson, Speakman, Rothrock and Dudikoff are holding down the production for six weeks in PNG.

“Those four positively, but since there’s a lot of bad guys and a lot of good guys in it, there’s room for anybody that’s going to be available,” Wilson continued. “They would only be in for a few days and then out. The ones I listed, we would have to be in New Guinea the entire six-week shoot but the other actors can come and go. There’s going to be plenty of action and the game plan is to get as many guys as we can get in. I literally know every one of them.”

So all your nights watching Olivier Gruner, Mark Dacascos and Lorenzo Lamas movies may finally pay off. Wilson has roles for all of them. “Evvverybody. Mark and Richard Norton. I would get even obscure ones. I don’t know if you know Karen Sheperd or Billy Blanks [the Tae Bo guy.] I put him in his first movie, Bloodfist. I’d get any of these guys and even if they don’t do action, they would play just an officer coming into a room or do one line or whatever, just to stick with our strange goofy thing of putting all these guys in one movie. You’d see every one. If you watched these B-movies back in the [‘80s and ‘90s], I’d put Jerry Trimble in there, Loren Avedon, if you could send me a list of the guys you want in, I’ll try to get every single one of them in.”

Wilson clearly has a sense of humor about it, and he wants the movie to have one too. No sense celebrating B-movies if you’re going to take it seriously. “It’s got a little comedic element,” Wilson said. “We didn’t want to go hardcore and take ourselves too seriously because it’s kind of goofy to have all these B-movie guys all in the movie. So the producer wanted to add a little comic touch to it, so it’ll probably be a little funnier than my other movies. It’s a comedy. Well, not a comedy. It’s an action movie with comedy. There’ll be at least one comedian hired for the film but that one’s pretty close to getting done. ”

CraveOnline will have more on The B-Team as soon as we figure out how to set our VCR to record HBO at 3 a.m.