Interview: The Cast of Deliverance [Video]


"What do you think Deliverance has to say about manhood?"


In a very special interview, CraveOnline's own Fred Topel sat down with the cast of John Boorman's Deliverance to celebrate the 40th Anniversary Blu-ray release of the classic film. Burt Reynolds talks about lying in "that friggin' canoe" for half the film, why Deliverance is the best film he ever made and his real thoughts on the production of Boogie Nights. Jon Voight describes working with real-life mountain men in the film. Ned Beatty describes the origin of his infamous "Squeal like a pig" sequence and finding a new audience with Toy Story 3. Ronny Cox laments the both of the upcoming Robocop and Total Recall remakes and describes the film's enduring power to affect male audiences.

The Blu-ray edition of Deliverance is currently available online and at a video store near you.