Exclusive Trailer: One in the Chamber


"Who the hell do you think you are?"

"The bad guy."

"That's funny… I thought I was."

If you ever wanted to see Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Jr. roundhouse kick Dolph Lundgren in the face, have we got the movie for you. One in the Chamber stars Gooding as an assassin who switches sides in a mob war, forcing his former employers to call in another assassin, 80's action superstar Dolph Lundgren, to put him down for good while wearing a yellow Hawaiian shirt.

One in the Chamber comes courtesy of Sinners and Saints director William Kaufman, and you can find yourself whether Cuba Gooding Jr. can kick Dolph Lundgren's ass with the film debuts on DVD and Blu-ray from Anchory Bay on August 21st. Until then, enjoy CraveOnline's exclusive first look at the film's trailer.