7 Grandparents React To Skrillex

If there are Billboard charts for elderly people, dubstep music probably doesn’t enter the top 200. If you asked most old folks what “Skrillex” was, I bet most would guess a cleaning product. So leave it to their grandkids to introduce their favorite song (“Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”) to their elders for the purpose of generating lulz. Here are 7 grandparents reacting to Skrillex:


Grandpa Al Reacts to Skrillex

It’s actually easier to dance to this video about Skrillex.


“This Is Music?”

Eh… kinda.


Grandma Crosses Arms

That’s how much she hates Skrillex.


“What’s He Says?!”

Ya got me, grandma.


“Dog Tail Wagging”

She likes dubstep! Whoda thunk it?


Grandpa Attempts Dancing to Skrillex

He’s got some moves.


Grandma Attempts Dancing To Skrillex



Bonus: Mom Listens To Skrillex

It’s not for moms.


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