Kat Dennings & Beth Behrs on ‘2 Broke Girls’

"2 Broke Girls" wrapped up its first season last night on CBS. The show was one of the breakout hits for the network and it will be back next fall.

During the Television Critics Association Press Tour earlier this year, "2 Broke Girls" stars.Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs were just so adorable playing off each other, I jumped in with questions aimed to make them coo and banter more. Horse talk always helps.


CraveOnline: How often does the word “sassy” come up when you’re discussing your characters and acting?

Kat Dennings: Oh, well, it just did, didn’t it?

Beth Behrs: I know.

Kat Dennings: I don't know, I like the word sassy.

Beth Behrs: I like the word too.

Kat Dennings: I’m going to use it in every answer, watch.

CraveOnline: I think you’re sassy.

Kat Dennings: Thanks.

CraveOnline: Are there real edible cupcakes on the set?

Kat Dennings: Yeah, they’re always completely edible. You never know when you’re going to have to eat one suddenly or you have to throw one. You never know.

CraveOnline: Are they tempting?

Kat Dennings: Not after 17 episodes, it’s not.

Beth Behrs: Yes. To be honest, we’re around them so much that I’ve kind of been desensitized I feel to cupcakes. I’m like don’t show me any more cupcakes. I’d rather just have candy.

CraveOnline: Kat, when you called the girl Battlefield Earth, do you remember that movie?

Kat Dennings: Oh god, yes. Actually, forgive me, I didn’t see the movie but everyone knows the thing with the hair. I died, that was one of those jokes that was given to us right there. I had trouble getting that out and the laugh, they have to edit the laughs down sometimes. It was a 20 second laugh.

CraveOnline: We would have also accepted Predator.

Kat Dennings: [Laughs] Nice. I think Battlefield Earth sounds funnier maybe coming out. You’d be surprised these conversations, like what actually sounds funnier.

CraveOnline: When Caroline does a happy dance, is that your happy dance? How did you come up with that?

Beth Behrs: Just working on it in rehearsal and then in the moment, just being in front of the audience obviously gives you a fun energy. I’m pretty goofy in real life so I just draw from that.

CraveOnline: What was it like to drive around town and see those billboards of yourselves?

Kat Dennings:  It’s weird. It’s weird.

Beth Behrs: Crazy surreal. Even the other day I saw it again and I was like oh my God, I’m so lucky. I just feel so lucky.

CraveOnline: Kat, they’re gearing up for Thor 2. Are you going to be in it?

Kat Dennings: You know, I don't know. Marvel is so tight lipped, you never know anything. So I have no idea.

CraveOnline: Beth, do you know what you’re doing in the hiatus?

Beth Behrs: Not yet. I’m looking at projects now and figuring it out.

CraveOnline: Are you getting movie offers?

Beth Behrs: We’ll see, I don't know. I don't know what’s to come. We’ll see.

CraveOnline: How close have you gotten to Chestnut?

Kat Dennings: Ohhhh.

Beth Behrs: So close to Rocky. We really have grown close to him.

Kat Dennings: We really have. I’ve had a few monologues to Chestnut. His real name is Rocky and it’s so easy for me to get emotional looking at him because he is almost like a puppy. In the secret ingredient episode, we’re sitting on something and I refer to him, “Right, Chestnut?” And he turns his head and made a noise. You could teach him but he did that on his own. That wasn’t even supposed to happen.

Beth Behrs: He’s become highly protective of us too. If we have a guest star in the scene who gets a little bit too close, Rocky will kind of step in, like “These are my girls, step away.”

Kat Dennings: We were rehearsing one of those monologues and I was supposed to get emotional in the scene, and it was just a writer/producer run through, but I found myself really starting to cry. Rocky put his head up and he just touched my face with his mouth, just gave me a little kiss. And then I lost it even more.

CraveOnline: What makes you break and crack up on the set?

Kat Dennings: You.

Beth Behrs: You! Yeah, looking at Kat. Especially now that we’ve become closer, I can see her eye twitch in a certain way and know she’s about to laugh.

Kat Dennings: I start staring. Well, this is what I do. I dig my nails into my palm when it’s so funny I’m going to die, just to focus on the pain. Just don’t laugh. Okay, the episode where we stuff cupcakes into our pants, the end of that when you wake up the next morning, Michael [Patrick King] had Beth lift her shirt out and all the chocolate cupcakes fell out onto the floor. He just told her to do it, we knew it was going to be funny but I didn’t realize she had all the chocolate.


It was so funny in that moment and we’re covered in cake, I was like, “Don’t laugh until I get up so that they can cut.” I was thinking about editing so I didn’t mess up the take.