Odd Celebrity Endorsements

Ever tune in to daytime or late night informercials and get star struck at celebrities pitching an odd product or service seemingly out of their element? Here are a few surprising pitches, including one for two education programs, a Yoga routine, and everyone’s favorite – penis enlargement pills!

Shannon Doherty for Education Connection

Bad girl Shannon Doherty of Charmed, Beverly Hills 90210, and Dancing with the Stars fame pitches Education Connection, a website that matches students with college programs based on their preferences and interests.

Diamond Dallas Page for DDP Yoga

Diamond Dallas Page, affectionately known as ‘DDP’ by millions of wrestling fans, won the WCW heavyweight belt at the age of 40 and beat the odds with countless injuries and surgeries to become the most flexible 55 year old man around. These days, he is pitching DDP Yoga, an off shoot of traditional Yoga and calisthenics. Look online and you’d be hard pressed to find negative reviews. “It’s not your mama’s yoga.”

Romeo Miller for ICDC College

Master P’s son pitches taking command of your future. Extra points for spitting freestyle towards the end for a school whose acronym sounds more out of a rap song than an actual school.

Warren G for Affirm XL

Rapper Warren G, the hit maker behind the legendary “Regulators” video sits pretty alongside a bevy of models pitching penis enlargement products.