More Awesome Geek Tattoos!

Tattoos rock. There we said it. And what could better confirm your fanatical devotion to all things geek than to get a symbol of geek culture inbedded into your skin for life?  Right. We can't think of anything either. 

We at Crave have online have slaved for hours (okay, maybe an hour tops) scouring the interweb for some of the coolest/wierdest/boldest geek tats out there. Who knows? Maybe your tattoo of Boba Fett slamming Princess Leia made it on to this list? Only one way to find out!

Take a look:


Ripley's Game:

Anything to distract from the hot nips. 


Thier War, My Back:

Do you think the guy that got this thought, "I really need something to distract from my tramp stamp."


1.21 Gigawatts!

We're praying to God this is on a butt cheek.


Its-a me! Jedi Mario!

Two francises, five hours in the tattoo chair, one dissapointed parent. 



Shia cried like a B when he got this.


Live Long and Prosper… from ink poisoning.

When he flexes they all become Romulans.


Street Fighter!

The other Street Figher tat we couldn't air because it involved M. Bison shooting a fireball through this guy's scrotum. 



Be cool…. dick wad.



Is this guy aware that Scorpion's costume looks like a gaint yellow penis?


Heros in a Half-Shell!

Little known fact: Raphael was the most brooding becasue he was constipated. 


CRAVE ONLINE has a tattoo of Jessica Rabbit on it's right bicep.