8 Angry Conversations With Stealth Mountain

Twitter is a gigantic public forum, bigger than the biggest mountain. Perhaps that jealousy fuels Twitter user @StealthMountain, who does nothing but correct people when they say “sneak peak” instead of “sneak peek.” Or maybe it’s an undying love for proper spelling. Or maybe it’s just that this mountain is especially sad. No matter how you look at it, most folks on Twitter don’t take too kindly to ol’ Stealth Mountain…



Now it’s the mountain’s turn to sigh.



No life at all, or just the sad life of a mountain?



The mountain flexed its might correction skills.



A mountain says what it means.



No f***s taken from the mountain.






There is no better feeling than a BJ from a mountain.



The mountain retracts its correction.


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-In-Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans! Background image via.