Full List of Spike VGA Reveals

Now that the dust has settled on the Spike Video Game Awards, it’s time to go back over the event and cover the multiple gaming reveals announced within. As promised by Spike, the VGAs played host to a multitude of announcements and reveals. We now know which Sony studio is handling The Last Of Us (Spoiler: it’s awesome), and we also know why Metal Gear Solid: Rising was getting a “re-reveal” at the event.

As an added note, all trailers below are courtesy of GameTrailers.


Alan Wake: American Nightmare Announced

Microsoft and Remedy Studios finally pulled back the curtain on their XBLA-exclusive follow-up to Alan Wake. Alan Wake: American Nightmare, as the game is being called, follows Wake in a cat and mouse game with his evil doppelganger, Mr. Snatch, sans devious moustache.

No release date was announced.


BioWare tackles Command & Conquer

Confirming what many speculated on the internet prior to the VGAs airing, the new BioWare project is indeed a new Command & Conquer title. Command & Conquer: Generals 2 will incorporate EA’s Frostbite 2 graphics engine and will launch for the PC exclusively in 2013.


Tony Hawk Pro Skater remastered

Our prayers have been answered. There’s a new Tony Hawk skateboarding game on the way that is in no way, shape or form related to Tony Hawk: Ride and that stupid board peripheral. Instead, we’re getting a “greatest hits” Tony Hawk game, featuring the best courses, characters, etc. from the original two Tony Hawk Pro Skater titles.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD is expected to launch digitally in early 2012.


Sony reveals The Last of Us

First, the quasi-bad news: The Last of Us, Sony’s new exclusive title, is a post-apocalyptic zombie game (yawn). However, and this is the good news, it’s being developed by Naughty Dog! That’s right, the studio that brought you Uncharted is branching out once again for a completely new IP focused on a viral outbreak that leaves the world in utter chaos. OK, now we’re excited!


Epic Games does tower defense

Epic’s Cliff Bleszinksi teased something completely fresh for the VGAs, and he wasn’t lying. Epic Games revealed their latest project at the show: Fortnite. The game looks to be a zombie tower defense title foregoing the typical gruff graphics of Epic properties for a more cartoonish look. We don’t really get any gameplay in the above trailer, but we do like the game’s artistic style.


Metal Gear Solid: Rising gets new name, new developer

Probably one of the biggest shockers at the VGas was the “re-reveal” of Metal Gear Solid: Rising. The game now has a new title, featuring one ridiculous subtitle: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Also, the project has been passed from Kojima Productions to Platinum Games, the makers of Bayonetta and Vanquish. And, as expected, it now features some ridiculous, over-the-top gameplay.


Transformers: Fall of Cybertron coming Fall 2012

While we’ve known about Transformers: Fall of Cybertron for a while now, the Spike VGAs did reveal the game’s release time frame: Fall 2012. They also gave us a pretty B-A trailer to supplement the announcement.