The Truth Behind 5 Urban Legends

You’ve probably heard them before. “An Axe-murdered in the backseat. A couple of teens on Lover’s lane.” All of them terrifying morality tales trying to stop kids from having sex and doing drugs. But did you know some of them are actually based in reality?

We here at CRAVE have done some top-notch research to uncover the truth behind some most ominous Urban Legends. Take a look and see what really happened!

The Babysitter

The legend: A lonely babysitter is plagued by menacing phone calls throughout the night only to discover that the phone calls are coming from inside the house.

What really happened: This urban legend began in the sixties during a time of moral purity in the country. In actuality, the babysitter wasn’t a babysitter at all, but in fact, a pregnant un-wed teen and the phone calls were not phone calls from an anonymous stalker, but calls from neighbors pressuring her to move to “Canada or some other hippie country where hussies can roam free.”


Poodle in the Microwave

The legend: A woman puts her poodle in the microwave to dry it off after a bath. The poodle explodes.

What really happened: Believe it or not, this story is actually true. But instead of drying off her poodle, Francis Mayweather of Aurora, Illinois was just hungry and decided to eat her dog.


Pop Rocks and Coke

The legend: Mikey, the LIFE cereal kid, ate Pop Rocks candy and drank a Coke causing his stomach to expand and explode.

What really happened: Mikey did ingest the fatal dose of Pop Rocks and Coke, but his stomach didn’t explode. His body went through a horrific transformation eventually turning him into Captain America’s menace, the Red Skull.


What Happened to My Kidneys?

The legend: A man picks up a beautiful woman at a bar for a one-night stand, only to awake the next morning in a bathtub of ice with his kidneys removed to be sold on the black market.

What really happened: This tale, as you might imagine, was invented to discourage young men from picking up “loose” women. But, it did little to detract from the swinger’s scene. Ironically, sexual promiscuity increased, leading to a rise in syphilis that eventually destroyed the kidneys anyway.


The Kentucky Fried Rat

The legend: A man bites into a juicy piece of KFC only to discover to their horror that the piece of fried chicken is actually a deep fried rat.

What really happened: This urban legend was actually started by rival chicken superpower, Popeye’s Chicken. Some many people believe the rumors that KFC saw their revenues decrease. Infuriated, Colonel Sanders went into damage control by going on a killing spree of Popeye’s Chicken top executives. He still remains at-large.


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