10 Daily Show Extended Interviews Too Good To Miss

Kambiz Hosseini & Saman Arbabi

I place this first not because it is the least exciting, but because I want to make sure everyone (even those impatient people who won’t click through the whole article) watches it. Not only is it a fantastic interview, but if you are not aware of Parazit, it’s well worth learning about it. And as an extra treat- the greatest pants you will ever see!




Austan Goolsbee


Jon talks to the former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors days before he leaves, and the excitement is palpable.  They discuss the difficulties this administration has had trying to save the country, and what we might be able to do to help them it.





Judge Andrew Napolitano


As one is the judicial consultant for Fox News and a Libertarian, and the other is Jon Stewart, you would think that the two of them would be at each others throats. Not true! Not only is this interview hilarious and filled with accidental racism, but it also has a Fox and the Hound style budding friendship between opposites that fills me with hope for the future. Well, okay, maybe that’s taking it a little far. But their repartee is adorable.






Leroy Petry


This is just an amazing story of bravery. And it’s always nice to see Jon respect someone that much. It’s humbling to see him so humbled.





Michael Lewis


A great conversation about the collapse of the worldwide economy. Talk about funny in a dark place…





Ricky Gervais


I really hope they actually make Talking Talk. That said, two people that are this funny in a room together is always worth watching.





Bill O’Reilly


If you weren’t aware, Bill O’Reilly recently said that he might quit if the government raised taxes. Jon Stewart, excited at the prospect, invited him on. This may be the best the big bear has fared on the Daily Show, but we all know he isn’t coming out of this unscathed.





Pervez Musharraf


Hey guys, Osama Bin Laden is dead! Just in case anyone forgot. And this guy, former President of Pakistan, was on the show a few years ago and stated without a shadow of a doubt that Osama was not in Pakistan. Obviously, he was. Awkwaaaaaaaaaaard!






Condoleezza Rice

Ghaddafi’s true love comes to the Daily Show to talk about the creepy dictator, and then they discuss exactly how misguided the war in Iraq was. Let the debate begin!






Elizabeth Warren


The creator of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Beaureau has a lot to say, and I think we should all listen, because she’s trying to save our money and livelyhoods, and she’s getting shut down.  Spread it around so we all know what’s happening, and why banks can still sneak secret interest rates and super-triple-overtime-overdraft.