We Review: Comedy Mag: “The Devastator”

I’ve found that if you have some sort of interest, let’s say, Spanish baths erected between 1734-1746, there’s probably some sort of magazine for you. Interested in Nazi Spaceships? Then we recommend Mein SpacegeflogenWochenblatt. The latter years of Mary Todd Lincoln? Madwoman Monthly.

But if you’re looking for comedy, (and we’re talking about comedy, not that flank-steak, watered-down comedy)… and you’ve been a fan of pages from periodicals like Cracked and MAD, but you’re looking for something a little more tilted, askew, satirical, tongue-in-cheek, and a number of other adjectives, then The DEVASTATOR: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine for Humans is for you definitely something you want to check out.

With a wide array of talented writers, editors, and cartoonists, The Devastator picks up where your issues of MAD and Cracked left off. It’s smart, funny on multiple levels (head-scratching, gut-pounding, and shits’n’giggles), and best of all, there’s something so rewarding about being a fan of a really cool indy mag.  SUCK IT, GQ.

Each issue features spoofs, great art, cartoons, strips, stories, etc, etc, etc – all of it hilarious, all of it oozing with “read under your bed sheets” nostalgia. If you’re looking for a new rag to sit atop that old stack of Green Lanterns on the back of your toilet, make it this one.

If you like, hit up The Devastator website @ www.devastatorquarterly.com, for subscriptions, back issues, find stores, electronic media, all that good stuff. Also, if you like, look ‘em up on Amazon.com.

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