Dial Into The 7 Spookiest 900 Numbers

If you’re not chicken, you’ll call these 1-900 numbers this Halloween and prove it. You’ll talk to ghosts, ghouls and the king of nightmares himself, Grandpa Al from “The Munsters!” Or rather, Freddy Krueger!!! Did you get your parent’s permission before calling? No? Perfect. Get ready to dial up the horror:


Freddy Krueger On Your Phone

Hear all your favorite “deadtime” stories, like Goodfright Moon and Little Dead Frighting Blood.


Journey Into Terror

It’s coming to take you away! It’s… your mom! And she’s pissed off that you stole her credit card!


Creep Phone

They’ll put you in touch with the baddest of the bad. “Please hold for Marky Mark.”


Grandpa Munster’s Junior Vampire Club

So… he can bite your neck over the phone? I’m skeptical.


Creep Phone II

The call gets connected to a talking headstone! Wuahahaha!


Tales of Terror

Fear is your reward, just like at your job. (Starts at :15)


Little Monsters: 1-900-89-MAURICE

Q: Is this the greatest rap song of all-time? A: Obviously.

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