7 Terrifying Lisa Frank Art

Avert your eyes, all guys who enter here. You’re about to be subjected to rainbows, cute animals, and cute animals that have been genetically spliced together with rainbows. It’s time to go back to school, which meant seeing Lisa Frank artwork all over folders and Trapper Keepers everywhere you turned. Here are some terrifying artworks that may bring you unwanted memories:


Angel Cat

All cats go to heaven and grow rainbow wings. It’s the law! [via]


Dolphin Courtship

Middle School Girl: “When I fall in love, it’s gonna be just like this.”

Anyone Older Than Middle School Girl: “Nope!” [via]


Rappin’ Bears

It’s the Bear-stie Boys. Also, I’m going to shoot myself. [via]


Rainbow Unicorns

Clearly, not enough rainbows. [via]


Jumping Bunnies

In nature, Lisa Frank bunnies are the first to be eaten by predators, because nature is awesome. [via]


Penguins Hugging

Thank god, their beef is settled. [via]


Gay Polar Bear

“It’s Puffin Night, bitches!” [via]


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