DC’s New 52 #2s: Justice League, Legion & More

Justice League #2

DC's "New 52" reboot initiative keeps on rolling with another slew of #2 issues for all their new titles.  We've seen some of their #1s, and now we can glean a bit more information as we learn more about just where the heck this semi-brave sort-of-new world might be leading.  Check 'em out.


Aquaman #2


AQUAMAN #2 (Writer: Geoff Johns, Art: Ivan Reis & Joe Prado)

The Trench are a gruesome infestation threatening Aquaman and Mera as they investigate just how an entire town can be devoured.


Blue Beetle #2


BLUE BEETLE #2  (Writer: Tony Bedard, Art: Ig Guara & Ruy Jose, Cover: Tyler Kirkham & Sal Regla)

Jamie Reyes has to take on a whole team of supervillains who are trying to get the alien weapon that gives him his power.


Captain Atom #2


CAPTAIN ATOM #2 (Writer: J.T. Krul, Art: Freddi Williams II, Cover: Stanley "Artgerm" Lau)

Captain Atom can't control his powers and can't modulate the sensory input, but his need for peace conflicts with his need to help those in trouble.


DCU Presents #2


DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #2 (Writer: Paul Jenkins, Art: Bernard Chang, Cover: Ryan Sook)

Boston Brand, aka Deadman, may finally have a way to gain control over his life and wrest it away from Rama Kushna.


Flash #2


THE FLASH #2 (Writer: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato, Art: Francis Manapul)

Barry Allen discovers he can make his brain work as fast as his body, but not without paying a price.


Fury of Firestorm #2


THE FURY OF FIRESTORM #2 (Writer: Ethan Van Sciver & Gail Simone, Art: Yildiray Cinar, Cover: Van Sciver)

The teenagers in control of a nuclear megapower are targeted by an international special forces team.


Green Arrow #2


GREEN ARROW #2  (Writer: J.T. Krul, Art: Dan Jurgens & George Perez, Cover: Dave Wilkins)

Don't mistake that for Connor Hawke.  This is Oliver Queen and he's trying to stop privileged rich kids from making superhero executions into a reality show.


Justice League International #2


JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #2 (Writer: Dan Jurgens, Art: Aaron Lopresti & Matt Ryan)

The United Nations has its own team of superheroes led, somehow, by Booster Gold, and they're struggling with the giant alien Signalmen.


Justice League #2


JUSTICE LEAGUE #2 (Writer: Geoff Johns, Art: Jim Lee & Scott Williams)

Batman vs. Superman as the new origin of the DCU's premiere superteam continues to unfold.


Legion Lost #2


LEGION LOST #2 (Writer: Fabian Nicieza, Art: Pete Woods)

Legionnaires lost in time are forced to deal with the first ever Hypersapien and a chemical terrorist named Alastor.


Legion of Super-Heroes #2


LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #2 (Writer: Paul Levitz, Art: Francis Portela, Cover: Chris Sprouse & Karl Story)

The Espionage Squad is outmatched by its alien captors, and even Legion leader Mon-El may be outpowered.  Plus, Brainiac 5 has a keen interest in Glorith's magic.


Mr. Terrific #2


MR. TERRIFIC #2 (Writer: Eric Wallace, Art: Gianluca Gugliotta, Cover: J.G. Jones)

Brainstorm is a new villain hunting down Michael Holt in Los Angeles, and he may be even more intelligent than our brilliant billionaire hero.


Savage Hawkman #2


THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN #2 (Writer: Tony S. Daniel, Art: Philip Tan)

An alien creature called Morphicius drains the life force from Carter Hall, and discovers the Nth Metal that protects him also makes it more powerful.


Static Shock #2


STATIC SHOCK #2  (Writer: Scott McDaniel & John Rozum, Art: Scott McDaniel & Andy Owens, Cover: Chris Brunner)

Static takes on Virule and the Slate Gang, who may end him before he begins.


Teen Titans #2


TEEN TITANS #2 (Writer: Scott Lobdell, Art: Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund)

Red Robin and N.O.W.H.E.R.E. are racing to find a strange creature in the streets of Los Angeles while Superboy and Kid Flash head for trouble.


Wonder Woman #2


WONDER WOMAN #2  (Writer: Brian Azzarello, Art: Cliff Chiang)

Diana often invokes Hera, Queen of the Gods, but she must stand against her and her troubling daughter, the goddess of discord, when revenge is on their minds.


Hawk and Dove #2


HAWK AND DOVE #2  (Writer: Sterling Gates, Art: Rob Liefeld)

Last and least, Liefeld.  The war and peace duo investigate Alexander Quirk.