Top 5 Dirt Cheap Countries to Visit

To many, international travel is synonymous with $150 a night hotels and a $10 a day budget. It´s possible to take a one-week excursion for two for less than $500 including activities. 

Let´s take a look at our picks for top 5 dirt cheap countries to visit.

Thailand – Bangkok has long been considered an excellent value thanks to its budgte friendliness and high culture shock value. Khao San Road and Sukhamvit are backpacker enclaves where you could sleep for as little as $5 a night with $1 bowls of Thai noodles. $5 on food and a $5 hour long massage. Private rooms go for as little as $25 a night. Monuments like a Grand Palace ticket costs a whopping $6 and there are hundreds of free temples. For an even better deal, visit the beaches of Chiang Mai where $500 is a king´s ransom. Basic beachside bungalows can be rented for $3 a night and private ones for $25 a night with low budget elephant tours and guide-led snorkeling activities nearby.

Argentina – Buenos Aires is one of the most flambouyant cities in the world, a mix of tango and time honored traditions. It is also budget friendly with with steak and wine dinners for less than $20 with all the culture to boot. Convert your diollar into $10 for dorm beds and $35 for an apartment rental in the capital Buenos Aires. Many museums also offer free entrances and the flea markets in Sal Telmo offer many options for the budget conscious.

Vietnam – Hanoi is a bustling city with many budget friendly options. A bed can be had for $5 and a private room for $20. Its signature dish, a bowl of pho, can be gulped down with a 25 cent beer. Transportation is also a steal with a 5 hour bus ride from Saigon to Can Tho costing $5 and renting a boat for up to $20 a day.

Costa Rica – With 12 different climates and arguably the most picturesque scenery in Central America, the ¨Ticos¨ (Costa Rican natives) treat you well in San Jose, one of the cheapest cities in the world. Restaurants serve three course meals for less than $7.00 and street stalls sell you fruit for less than 50 cents. Cigarettes beat New York prices by almost 1000% at $1 per pack.

Ecuador – Big cities like Guayaquil and mid sized cities like Portoviejo and Manta along the coast offer excellent value. We´re talking $1 for cab rides, 25 cents for water, and $150 to rent a three bedroom apartment in the heart of any city.

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