Mandatory TikTok: @chefreactions Is the Must-Follow TikToker of the Week

Obviously, Gordon Ramsay has cornered the market when it comes to foodie snark, but it seems he has some competition with this week’s must-follow TikToker @chefsreactions. We’re obsessed with this account and you should be too because he’ll likely get his own show any day.

We’ve done a deep dive but can’t seem to find much about the chef who runs the account. This nameless genius makes duets with other “foodie” TikTokers where he reacts to whatever amazing or bizarre food they’re cooking. Horrifying concoctions that only the internet could think of like Mountain Dew Cake or Prison Food for Kids.

Yet, here’s the thing, not all of these reactions are sick burns. Although a ton of them are critiques of some of the worst recipes on Earth, not all of them are. In fact, some of the best content from this TikToker focuses on his reactions to people who actually know what they’re doing in the kitchen. However, you don’t have to take our word for it, check out our favorite videos from @chefsreactions and the best and worst recipes on the internet to discover why this TikToker is so damn popular.

Image: @chefsreactions (TikTok)
First, @chefreactions #duet with @aliceroberts_ checking in with the King of France #chef #fyp ♬ Stories 2 – Danilo Stankovic

Next, there’s this @chefreactions #duet with @myjanebrain meh #chef #fyp ♬ original sound – JaneBrain

Well, one of them’s going to have to be kind of disgusting like this @chefreactions #duet with @syllygirl do the dew #chef #fyp ♬ original sound – Sylvia Ferreira

As a result, we chose something a little more scrumptious with @chefreactions #duet with @chefgenevieve the bear is a 8/10 after two eps #thebear #fx #ribs #asmr ♬ original sound – Chef Genevieve LaMonaca

Finally, save the best for last with this @chefreactions #duet with @cooking_with_fire a rare 10/10 spotted #chef #fyp ♬ Cumbia Buena – Grupo La Cumbia