Watching Dog Happily Build Snowman Will Warm Your Cold Dead Heart All Winter

Winter sucks. No bones about it. If you’re one of those people who claim to love the coldest months of the year, who can’t wait for the snow to accumulate so you can go skiing, or who relish the below-zero days because of an affinity for ice-fishing, get the fuck away from us.

But one German shepherd has us reconsidering our Grinch-like stance on the season. In a now-viral TikTok, an unidentified dog uses its paws to roll a giant snowball, as if preparing to start on the first-ever canine-crafted snowman.

@saraonderwater but does your dog make giant snowballs? #GSD ♬ original sound – Sara Onderwater

“But does your dog make giant snowballs,” owner Sara Onderwater captioned the clip, which has been viewed over 16 million times.

This wasn’t just a one-time fluke, either. Onderwater posted a subsequent video in which the pooch again amasses a big hunk of white stuff.

@saraonderwater *goes viral* just wants her snowball #GSD ♬ Pope Is a Rockstar – Sales

Now all the inventive furbaby needs are some sticks for the arms, buttons for the eyes, and a carrot for the nose, and his ice-cold sculpture will be complete.

If this isn’t the most heartwarming content on the internet right now, we don’t know what is. Somebody hand us a hot cocoa; we’re going to rewatch these clips over and over until spring comes.

Cover Photo: TikTok



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