Angry Bagel Guy Stars in Biggest Case of Little Man Syndrome Saga (All 3 Videos Here)

Angry little guy from the bagel shop that’s been viral the past two days on Twitter might be unaware as to why people don’t like him. The angry New Yorker, reportedly named Chris Morgan, seems under the impression people don’t like him because he’s small, which while that’s true, doesn’t compare to the fact that he’s apparently a major asshole to everyone he meets. And you thought nobody was tough enough to hit a little person.

For those of you just joining, Angry Bagel Guy (way better name than Chris Morgan) went from not trusting women on dating sites and picking fights with strangers while getting breakfast (before getting his ass kicked) to nearly letting his breakfast sandwich go to waste, back to not trusting women (watch and see).

…back to not trusting women. Solid exit, though.

In case you were wondering, yes, he has his own YouTube channel. And it’s obviously NSFW.

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