Nintendo Nostalgic: ‘Majora’s Mask’ Is Still The Creepiest Zelda Game

Photo: Moby Games

The Legend of Zelda franchise has been one of the jewels (or rupees) in Nintendo’s crown for over three decades now. With Breath of the Wild a major success and more HD remakes on the way, the entirety of the series now spans almost 30 titles.

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For all of Zelda’s adventures though, there was one that was darker and weirder than the rest. That game, released in 2000, is Majora’s Mask. In this Nintendo Nostalgic, we pay tribute to an essential, unsettling RPG classic.

Thankfully, getting the most out of Majora’s Mask is anything but a miserable experience. Its brilliance — and its enduring eeriness — live on in this true Nintendo classic.

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