Chris Christie’s New Book Title ‘Let Me Finish’ Leaves a Bad Taste in Your Mouth

Photo: Raymond Hall (Getty Images)

Get a load of this. That’s the only phrase that could top Chris Christie’s new ridiculous book title, Let Me Finisha top-notch example of publicists not looking out for their client, editors who don’t read between the lines and old white dudes who still think people care what they have to say. Now we’re having trouble not picturing the former governor defiling a houseplant.

Let Me Finish barely made the cut ahead of other likely frontrunner titles: Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin’, Dinner With The Trumps, Bridge Over Dead Hookers, One Fine Day: My Exact Number of Days As A Respectable Governor, Watch This Cheeto Disappear, Father John Christie Sings the Blues, Why Won’t You Love Me? and, our personal favorite, Roll Over I’m Not Done Yet.

New Jersey’s least popular governor to date (that’s saying something), Christie announced his new book for a late January release. We won’t say exactly the date because we’re not interested in helping the book sales of a future coffee table coaster whose title not only plays on two levels of misogyny but whose contents are likely as urgent as taking the dog outside after it’s already shit the rug.

The book is a “no punches pulled, no truths hidden” tell-all on President Trump, Steve Bannon, and other names he randomly just dropped in the title for SEO purposes. True editor genius at work. If anyone at Buzzfeed is looking for a job (too soon?), there’s likely plenty of work to be done on reprints here.

Good luck with your new book, Mr. Christie. It’s already 20 percent off before release at Barnes and Noble, which we all know is a great sign.