Get Free Bud Light Beer (If Your Team Wins The Super Bowl)

Photo: Deagreez (Getty Images)

Budweiser really likes a reason to give away free beer. Last season, Bud Light promised to buy everyone over 21 a beer if the Eagles won the Super Bowl. Well, we all know how that turned out as Philadelphia, led by Nick Foles and company, beat Tom Brady and the Patriots 41-33. Bud Light didn’t disappoint as it brought in trucks of beer for the team’s championship parade.

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This season, Budweiser cheekily poked fun at the 0-16 season the Browns trudged through in 2017 by leaving locked beer coolers in various bars in the Cleveland area vowing to open them and give free beer to the dog pound when the Browns finally won. The locked coolers finally opened in late September when Cleveland defeated the Jets 21-17. Now, Bud Light is planning to give free beer to whichever city wins the Super Bowl.

It was first announced on Twitter when Bud Light tweeted a flash video to the Rams and the Patriots. The Tweet says: “Congrats on making it to football’s biggest stage. We’re all set to celebrate. Who’s ready to join us?” and the video shows two trucks, one for the Rams and the city of Los Angeles and the other for the Patriots and the city of Boston. On the side of each truck are the words “You win the Super Bowl. We bring the beer.”

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This is all well and good and we’re always in favor of free beer. But this almost seems like adding insult to injury for one of these cities. Not only will one of these franchises not hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy, but their fans will not be drinking any free beer either. The losing city should at least get free Natty Light or something.