Cinnamon Roll Maker Pillsbury Brings Smell-O-Vision To Movie Theaters

Photo: GMVozd (Getty Images)

Back in the day, movie theaters implemented a ton of strange ways to get movie-goers excited for a film. The 1959 movie The Tingler is one of the most well-known cases. The horror film is about a parasite that feeds on human fear. The parasite in question was known to make your spine literally tingle. To up the fear factor, theaters used a device called “percepto” that actually made people’s seat vibrate during specific scenes in the movie. Obviously, this was extremely frightening at the time. Since then, the movie theater world has given us 4D movies that actually make the audience feel like they’re part of the on-screen action. But, recently, Pillsbury took the gimmick one step further by actually pumping scents into theaters.

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You might find that confusing as the “spine-tingling” aspect of the ’50s-era films were designed to scare and 4D Imax movies are designed to give you a completely immersive experience. Pillsbury’s newest idea was designed to…make you hungry? That’s because the brand known for baked goods is piping the smells of freshly baked cinnamon rolls into theaters all across the country (25 to be exact).

The unique campaign is designed to get movie-goers to be want to purchase cinnamon rolls during the holidays by reminding them just how delicious they smell when they’re baking. The scent is released during a Pillsbury advertisement that plays before The Grinch and other family movies. Honestly, we don’t even need the smell. We’re getting hungry just thinking about that a sweet smell.

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If you want to enjoy the sweet smell of baked cinnamon rolls while you watch a movie, you’ll have to visit theaters in Minneapolis, Detroit, Des Moines, Nashville, Memphis, or Baltimore. Or, you could just go to any supermarket, buy some cinnamon rolls, and go home and bake them. It’s probably an even better idea since you actually get to eat them.