PAX West 2018: All The Best Cosplays From The Gaming Weekend

Photo: Mat Hayward [Getty Images]

PAX West 2018 is all over, but the event that took place last weekend at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle left its mark. Crowds were out in droves and gamers were able to enjoy an atmosphere only they would truly appreciate.

Everyone in attendance got their chance to check out some of the best the gaming world has to offer. As expected, Fortnite showed up and attendees got to participate in the chaotic Summer Skirmish Tournament. In addition, the Devil May Cry 5 panel showed off a great deal of footage to leave fans of the game salivating for more.

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But as is the case with any convention of fans and enthusiasts, the cosplays are what make the experience all the more genuine, bringing life to characters we see through intricately crafted outfits that are arguably as sensational as the games themselves.

We took some time to dig through social media to find some of the best cosplays from the weekend, and the results did not disappoint. Take a gander at some of the best images of video games brought to life.

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