Ctrl webseries review

Ctrl webseries review

If you liked Robert Kirbyson’s award winning short film Ctrl-Z, then we have some good news for you. NBC and Rob Kirbyson have turned the short film in to a new web series that will run on NBC.com (as well as USANetwork.com and Hulu.com) for ten episodes.

Ctrl is the story about an un-appreciated office worker named Stuart (Arrested Development’s Tony Hale), who spills (sponsorship alert) Nestea on his keyboard which causes it to alter reality via the ctrl (control) keys. Stuart then begins to experiment with the various control keys to manipulate his office existence with unexpected results.

The small cast works well for the show. Hale is awkward without being over the top or diving in to the standard TV nerd archetype. The cast includes Emy Coligado (Malcolm in the Middle) as Stuart’s co-worker and office crush, Elizabeth and Steve Howey (Reba) as the jock boss Ben Piller.

Check out Tony Hale and Steve Howey giving Crave a shout out in the clip below.


We took a look at the first three episodes and the show is funny. Each of the episodes run about five minutes and uses the name of the control key that the episode is based around; Episode 2 “Ctrl B” (bold) and episode 3, “Ctrl Z” (undo).  Kirbyson’s dialogue is funny and the situations work well within the short time frame.

You can watch Ctrl here at the official site: nbc.com/ctrl