The Best Birthday Parties Are The Ones You Throw Yourself

Mid adult man in party hat, sitting at table in front of birthday cake. Photo: D. Anschutz (Getty)

There’s nothing like a birthday to set your mood. Of course, inviting the wrong person to whatever festivity you have in mind could be disastrous. Then there’s the matter of who you get to throw the bash (if you have such a caring friend at all). With all these loose ends, sometimes the best solution is the obvious one.

Yesterday was my birthday so i threw myself a party from funny

Reddit user The_Argentine_Pace sure knows how to rage. Or he’s just familiar with Photoshop. Either way, that party is sure to be enjoyed by one person and one person only. We should all be so lucky.

Someone’s always there to one-up you: Awesome 5-Year-Old Has Costco-Themed Birthday Party

We’re not exactly sure what type of rager of a birthday party involves Dr. Pepper, sandwiches with the crusts cut off (we’re just assuming) and high fiving yourself while drinking coffee (or possibly just Dr. Pepper again), but not one of the 16 appears to be especially enjoying or not enjoying themselves. We’d call that a win in the birthday department.