I, Zombie #1 Preview

Pretty much any time that Veritgo launches a new series, it’s a big deal. At least for me. On May 5, the latest ongoing series from the publisher will stands, entitled I, Zombie. It follows a gravedigger named Gwen who must devour a human brain at least once a month in order to keep herself looking human (as opposed to a gooey zombie) and to retain her memories. 

With her head essentially full of dead people, she can read their thoughts and is compelled to fulfill any last requests the deceased may have had. Vertigo promises a cast full of the bizarre undead, and doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. Though zombie comics is an overly saturated market at the moment, Vertigo has already proved that it will dare to take on an overdone genre (like they did with vampires in the stellar American Vampire) and completely turn it on its head, making everything else pale in comparison. 

Written by Chris Roberson with art by Michael Allred – plus a 1:10 variant cover by Darwyn Cooke – I, Zombie #1 will debut next month with the low price of $1.00! Stay tuned to CraveOnline Comics for future coverage of Vertigo’s latest series. 





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