Rude Gameware’s Fierce Mouse Review

Some gaming mice can be obnoxious.  Seriously.  Throw a track ball in the center, six buttons along the side, four buttons below the scroll wheel, five buttons across the top… and for what, macros?

Well, macros are important, so, yes, I get that.  This Fierce mouse from Rude Gameware can do macros, sure.  But it’s not an insane piece of hardware.

Hold it right there, it’s a quality piece of hardware.  This is a stable, strong mouse with adjustable sensitivity by way of DPi.  Its buttons can be assigned 5 step macros as well.  Total button count?  Seven.  For a gamer more concerned with simplicity when controlling the business on screen, this mouse is perfect.  You’re not going to be weighed down with a cumbersome input system, and for some of us, that’s what we’re all about.

The feel is rock solid.  Rude Gameware did an excellent job constructing a sturdy bodied mouse that feels tight as hell.  They even included noise and resistance dampening pads on the buttom that let desktop movement remain silent when in use.  Perfect for late night gaming sessions when noise is an issue.

Where your grip is concerned, Rude coated this in a nice, non-slip rubber that feels great even during the most intense sessions of Bejeweled….what?

7 feet of cable length makes it great for distanced desktop setups.

The mouse also rocks an adjustable weight.  27 grams worth can be removed in 3 gram increments.  I found 21 to be perfect for my needs.

The mouse buttons themselves are responsive and easily clicked.  Each button can be programmed, as stated above, but the default loadout is perfect for surfing the web.  If you do program your mouse, don’t be afraid to unplug it or transfer computers.  The mouse itself comes with an on-board memory.  Take your programmed inputs wherever ye desire.

The DPi, basically mouse sensitivity, scales all they way up to 3200.  That’s sensitive enough for most gamers.  In fact, average people will scale that sum back in half and find control to be a breeze.  The color of the scroll wheel changes with the sensitivity of the mouse.  Live for purple, friends.

If sampling rate has you concerned, this mouse offers one of the best in its price category.  It’s listed as Ultra-High.  Probably close to 1,000 samples a second.  For those uninitiated to the world of mouse tech, this sample rate dictates how many times the mouse is poled for positional changes.  The hire the rate, the more times it’s poled and the more reactive it becomes.

The hardware is listed to sell for about $50.  For the price, I can’t recommend a stronger mouse.  And those that feel a little daunted by gaming mice with all their wacky buttons and layouts, this mouse is for you.  It’s capable of handling gaming needs while not being the butt of jokes outside of LAN parties.

On a personal note: this mouse has replaced the one that previously adorned my desk.  I put her out to pasture as soon as the Fierce mouse got to work for me.


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