Single Women In Mexico Are Marrying Trees For Quite The Reason

Photo: BrianAJackson (Getty)

While Noorul Mahjabeen Hassan wants to marry Tetris, women in Mexico are choosing to marry trees for a great cause: to save them.

The women recently put together a ceremony that looked just like your typical wedding cermony filled with a bride in a wedding dress, friends and family and even a bouquet. The only difference is that the groom is a tree, and to the women’s preference, don’t talk. This ceremony was all done to draw attention to illegal logging in San Jacinto Amilpas, Oaxaca state. A third of Mexico’s land area is covered by forest, and illegal logging is at the forefront, which is mostly controlled by criminal groups. But now this ceremony was all done to shed some light on that.

Yep, they even made out with the trees. Now of course these weddings are not legally binding, but they’ve certainly grabbed the attention of many folks which is exactly what the point what. People that took part in the ceremony want to raise the issue in hopes of protecting the woodland from Trump making their forest into a failed casino. Probably.

According to Metro, “‘Marry a tree’ began as a ritual of giving thanks to Mother Earth carried out by the organization ‘Bedani.'”

Well, at least these folks want to save Mother Nature, even if their approach is a tad out there. What do you think? Do you love nature this much?

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